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2018 GBL Softball u8 Evaluations

2018 GBL Softball u11 Evaluations

The Germantown Baseball League (GBL) Softball Division is for girls ages 5 through 14.  Age groups are set to allow for progressive skills development and to make the game enjoyable for players and parents alike. The focus is on age appropriate player development in a fun and safe environment. Players of all skill levels are welcome as are coaches who have a player-centric attitude.

Our season starts March 24th, 2018 and continues until May 24th. Prior to starting the season we will practice 2 - 3 times per week, various days depending on age division, and once the season starts we will play 2 nights per week and practice as fields are available.

Registration opens November 23rd, 2017.We hope you join us for the Spring 2018 season!!!

Softball Division Age Groups

The player's age as of January 1, 2018 determines which group she plays in for the Spring 2018 season. Below, you will find the planned age divisions for 2018, however, they may be modified based on the number of enrollments at each age. 

Regardless of the age group, all skill levels are welcome and will have a great time. GBL Softball is dedicated to the mission of making the wonderful game of fastpitch softball accessible to anyone who wishes to play. Whether you are 5 or 14 and whether this is your first or your sixth season does not matter - GBL Softball is the place for you! Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

Coach Pitch (6U) - Ages 5 and 6
The players learn basic softball skills in a safe and fun environment. The rules for this division are similar to 8U but the teams are smaller and ensure that all players have a chance to have an exciting and fun introduction to the sport.

Coach Pitch Division (8U) - Ages 7 and 8
As players develop the physical ability to successfully contact a moving target, the rules start their transition to putting more of the game in the players hands. The basics of hitting, fielding, and baserunning are explored in a graduated manner. Games move at a fun pace that allows for learning and excitement to co-exist.

Modified Pitch (11U) - Ages 9, 10 and 11
Furthering the transition to standard fastpitch softball rules, the Modified Pitch Division introduces players to the pitching position. Rules are in place to mitigate the pressure that pitchers face so that their concentration can be on development rather than being the primary focus on defense for their team. These same rules keep games moving and players and parents excited and engaged.

Fast Pitch (14U) - Ages 12 through 14
Welcome to softball as you know it from TV! Full fastpitch softball rules, with only changes for playing time, batting order, and run limits in effect. All the strategy and excitement of the game come through and the players have every opportunity to improve their skills and be a part of a fantastic team sport.

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